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    Its me again. I'm sorry to high this forum once again but I am officially collecting research for my masters thesis now on uniform change. For those curious, the purpose of my study is to understand the current perceptions of coaches, wrestlers, officials and administrators on how uniform change would positively or negatively affect the sport with regards to youth participation and diminishing college programs.

    I am a University of Iowa alum and am pursuing my masters in Sports Management. The sport of wrestling is my passion and choose to work on wrestling to see if uniform change can fix the shrinking of the sport at the college level.

    I need as many participants in this study as possible to make the research valid. In order to be eligible you must be one of the following: a former wrestler, current wrestler, wrestling coach, wrestling official or athletic administrator overseeing a program with wrestling. I would be happy to share the research results with all that are interested.

    If you would be interested in helping me with my research, here is the link to the survey. If you take the survey and would like to receive the final results in February, please post your email below and I will gladly send them your way when the information is collected.

    Survey - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3P2K399

    Chad Wells
    California State University Long Beach
    Sports Management Masters Candidate
    chadleewells@gmail.com : (319) 361-2720
    Link: Uniform Change Survey

    Uniform Change Survey

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