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    Hey wrestling fans,

    I am a Uniersity of Iowa graduate currently in graduate school in California to get my M.S. Kinesiology for Sports Management. For my graduate thesis project, I have decided to pursue some research in my life long passion, wrestling. In order to do this project, I need all of your help. My research problem is to examine the effect changing from Singlets to Fight Shorts and Compression Shirts would have on participation in middle school and high school wrestling. I will be looking at how feelings are for current athletes and singlets as well as potential athletes who don't participate. I will be seeking to have the article published in a sports marketing journal.

    This is where I need my fellow wrestling fans help. Because most high school wrestlers, and all middle school wrestlers, I need specal permission to interview underage participants. Instead of going this route, I am pursuing the opinions of coaches. This is where you come in. If you know any wrestling coaches, whether they be college, high scool, middle school or club, I ask you to talk to them and ask them to contact me, or to send me their e-mail so I can get in touch with them. Any help you give me will be greatly appreciated. There is no limit to the number of sources I can use, but the more I get the better. It doesn't matter what level they are, or what state they are from. I will be sure to share this journal article with anyone who has the ability to help. Thank you very much for your help.

    In order to contact me, please send me an e-mail at chadleewells@gmail.com. Thank you again!

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